Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the "Fauna in Kosova" brochure of the Kosovo post...besides the fact that the pigeon and cow feature prominently among the fauna of Kosovo (I am all in favor of giving space to the less 'fancy' animals) there are some other gems here:

Duck: "Lives in Albanian lands, in Kosova and Albania." If we define Albanian lands by the habitat of ducks, count Canterbury in (and a few other places). Hhmm, by the way note that the stamp on the left pictures the famous swan-duck of Kosova.

Dog of Sharr: "a very old type of dog, extremely clean and faithful. Dog of Sharr is a native race of dogs in the Sharr region." Let's not forget the other side of the mountains in Macedonia, please.

The Cow: "Busha is a typical Kosovar cow and is one of the oldest races. This cow is very milkweed..." ok, enough of the my cow is an older race than yours game, but how can a cow be milkweed?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

It has a been a bad few weeks for Socialdemocracy in Europe. Not only did the Austrian Socialdemocrats follow the populist pressures of the NKZ to promise referenda on all future changes to the EU treaties and the accession of Turkey. The Socialist International decided to accept Milorad Dodik's Independent Social Democrats as full members. Besides his continued statements and policies which undermine Bosnia and Herzegovina, he has also succeeded in shutting down Tranparency International in Bosnia after a campaign of threats.
I guess accepting the Socialist Party of Serbia to the Socialist International is no longer such a stretch of the imaginiation...