Tuesday, February 26, 2008

According to Kathimerini, Matthew Nimetz has come up with five(!) new suggestions for the name of Macedonia:

Democratic Republic of Macedonia (like Democratic Republic of Congo or German Democratic Republic, generally reserved for, ehm, less democratic state)

Constitutional Republic of Macedonia (as opposed to the unconstitutional of Macedonia?)

Independent Republic of Macedonia (here's a compromise for Kosovo, it just calls itself 'independent' with quotation marks and Serbia pretends to accept it, or maybe the official name of Kosovo could become "Lazna Republika Kosova")

Republic of Upper Macedonia (like Upper Volta, aka Burkina Faso)

I think generally republics should be required to add meaningful adjectives to their names:

"Smallish Republic of Montenegro" (SROCG)

"Kinda Democratic Republic of Serbia" (KDROS)

"Democratic Federal and Sometimes Confederal Republic of Three Equal Constituent People and Nobody Else of Bosnia and Herzegovina" (DFSCRTECPNEBH)


Kirk Johnson said...

"Somewhat Democratic Republic of No-Longer-Even-Close-To-Great-Serbia"

Florian Bieber said...

good idea. There is actually now a facebook group discussing other 'fill in the blank' name suggestions. Including post-modern state of Macedonia (PoMoSoMa)

Oliveslav said...

How about Macedomia (sic)... that way, there is no problem in regard to Greece. I got the idea from the Adibas shoes for sale in Skopje.

Florian Bieber said...

Hey, thats a great idea. If one picks the right font, nobody will notice...